Cambria Labradors is a small kennel located on the 
Sammamish Plateau 30 minutes east of Seattle, Washington

During a visit to England over 20 years ago, a stunning black Labrador named Vic touched my heart.  I learned that Vic was from a kennel called “Sandylands.” 
It was then that my long-term interest in, and love of the Labrador retriever began.

I returned to the United States vowing that one day I would have a Sandylands Labrador. 
That day arrived for me in 1980, when I located a gorgeous black Labrador 
with the Sandylands pedigree that I wanted so badly. 
Tobey changed my life forever, and remained with me until his death 16 years later.

Today, Cambria is very proud to have two beautiful foundation dogs from the Tapeatom and Sandylands lines.  Tapeatom Sovereign Reign (Katy) was first to arrive in the year 2000,
from the Tapeatom kennel located on the Isle of Jersey. 
In 2003, Tapeatom Gentry (Kodi) arrived from South Africa where his breeder, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Howard of Tapeatom, had recently moved. 
Tapeatom Sovereign Reign was bred to Priorise Tracker in June of 2004, 
and produced Cambria’s Sovereign Light.

The goals and objectives of Cambria Labradors are to maintain the respect and integrity 
that have already been established by the breeders at Sandylands and Tapeatom. 
There is no higher priority for me than to contribute to the sense of pride and respect 
that these reknown kennels have earned over many years of breeding quality Labradors.

         This web site is dedicated to:
The late Mrs. Gwen Broadley of  Sandlylands whose legacy lives on through
the dogs represented on this web site, and through magnificent Labradors around the world. 

And, to my breeder, Mrs. Elizabeth Howard of Tapeatom Kennel. Thank you,
Betty, for sending Katy and Kodi to me, and for being such a great mentor
throughout the years.

- The Labrador Retriever Club of Great Britain
- Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Club
- Rose City Labrador Retriever Club

May I introduce my Labradors....

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